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What do all of these great Canadians have in common?

  • Governor General David Johnston
  • Governor General Roméo Leblanc
  • Prime Minister Stephen Harper
  • Prime Minister Jean Chrétien
  • Prime Minister Brian Mulroney
  • Prime Minister Joe Clark
  • Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau
  • Prime Minister John Diefenbaker
  • Senator and Soldier Roméo Dallaire
  • Speaker of the House Peter Milliken
  • Parliamentarian Ed Broadbent
  • Premier Frank McKenna
  • Premier Bernard Lord
  • Premier Lucien Bouchard
  • Premier Tommy Douglas
  • Soldier George McKean, VC
  • Soldier John Foote, VC
  • Soldier Charles Hoey, VC
  • Soldier Cecil Merritt, VC
  • Cardinal Paul-Émile Léger
  • Actor Michael J. Fox
  • Astronaut Chris Hadfield
  • Astronaut Steve MacLean
  • Astronaut Marc Garneau
  • Author Pierre Berton
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  • Broadcaster Kevin Newman
  • Broadcaster Seamus O'Regan
  • Entrepreneur Alex Tilley
  • Environmentalist David Suzuki
  • Impressionist Rich Little
  • Musician Jim Creeghan
  • Musician Gordon Lightfoot
  • NHL Player Wendel Clark
  • Painter Robert Bateman
  • Philanthropist Brett Wilson
  • Rights Activist Craig Kielburger
They were all Scouts!

The people on this list are all successes in their own fields, well known, and respected. Scouting helped shape their lives and the lives of millions of other Canadians.

It starts with Scouts - join us!

Welcome to the 8th Ajax Scout Group - an amazing adventure for boys and girls aged 5 to 26. Please make a selection from the buttons to the left.

Click here to join today.

This site was last updated on May 7, 2016.
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